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Syrian Blue Coat device logs

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This night Telecomix released 54 GB worth of logs that Syria has been collecting thanks to Blue Coat devices.

The data contains logs up to August 4th 2011 and it reveals the habits of Syrian internet users, what sites are being blocked. Blue Coat has said in the past that: “company policy forbade the sale of equipment to the Syrian government”, this data provides evidence that such a statement is false. This is in violation of the US trade embargo and the matter is even more severe since this technology is being used to hunt down and kill innocent people.

No analysis on the data has been made. It would be interesting to figure out the best way to present such a data and see what questions can be answered thanks to it.

Some questions I think would be of interest are:

  • What are the most blocked sites?
  • What are the most visited sites?
  • What are the most searched keyword?

The logs have been redacted to not contain the IP addresses of the users visiting the sites, by replacing all of them with “”.

A copy of the logs is available at:


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  2. Looks like whistleblowing on companies doing business with oppressive regimes is the plan of the DAY in 2011.

    Not on my watch. EVER. details my stand, glad to see others are taking up the spear and charging the hill as well. Bravo!

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