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GlobaLeaks Hackathon 0×02

But standing in water up to their knees three very unimportant little people where doing the best they could with an idea and that’s about all they had and I don’t know maybe that night these three people were making history but anyway what I’m telling to tell you folks here we are.

In Milan last week the second GlobaLeaks hackathon reached it’s conclusion. Overall it has been a very productive week and I wish to tell you what we accomplished and what the next steps will be.

The first major news bulletin is that we have three new Random GlobaLeaks Developers: fox, maker and mpodroid. Fox and maker are two awesome python hackers, I had lots of fun coding with them until late in the morning. Marco Pozzato (mpodroid) is a true Java Ninja and he coded the Android application for GlobaLeaks in one 1h train trip.

What have we accomplished

Before the hackathon GlobaLeaks was just the demo of a prototype, no real world functionality was introduced. Let’s go through the features we have implemented:

To get a better view of what we have hacked on in the past days take a look at the commit history between the 23rd and the 25th of September.

There is still lot’s of work to do

GlobaLeaks is now much closer to the goal of having an Open Source easy to use Whistleblowing platform, but we are not quite there yet. This is why we need you to join us and start hacking on it. It does not matter from what background you are from, be it syadmin, coder, legal or writing. The beauty of GlobaLeaks is that it brings together people from an array of different backgrounds. The greatness of GlobaLeaks is it’s diversity.

We have defined three milestones:

You can look at their page to see the attached issues and was needs to be done to get the software to that point. By the end of October we will be shipping GlobaLeaks 0.1. No need to tell you how excited we are about this.

I think this concludes the summary, for more information go and take a look at GlobaLeaks github page.

Join us on IRC: #GlobaLeaks
Follow us on twitter: @GlobaLeaks

Keep on hacking in the free world!

A Random GlobaLeaks Developer


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